Apartment 502 – WIP 0.1

Initial work on a 1:1 scale 3D replica of my apartment. Got the living room space set, with windows and doors included. Still need to work on decent textures and lighting to set the standard for the rest of the rooms.


Making high performance low poly games

Great article by John Rossiter about a couple techniques that improve the speed and performance of low poly scenes in Unity. I still struggle quite a bit when it comes to optimizing my code, specially when it comes to 3D graphics, so having someone explain the fundamentals in a clear way is amazing.

[ Making high performance low poly games via Clean Sourcecode ]


FFXIV – The story so far…

FFXIV - The Story So Far...

From the slums of Ul’dah to the very gates of Heavensward, an adventurer named Alamosh rises to the challenge of protecting Eorzea. This is the beginning of a journey that will decide the fate of the realm.

This is a work-in-progress gallery documenting my adventures playing Final Fantasy XIV with my friends. It’s very barebones at the moment, but hey, no compression on the screengrabs! I plan to eventually add annotations, lazy loading and some basic indexing.

Just a little heads up, this thing will load a LOT of photos. You’ve been warned.

[ FFXIV – The story so far ]


Lots of free VST instruments to play around with

Free VST insturments? Hell yeah!

These days I’ve been picking up on my music-making delusions, experimenting with different sounds and techniques in order to at least learn to produce something passable. Making music is hard, but at least I have fun failing at it.

Anyway, here are two sites with loads of free VST instruments and effects, complete with explanatory descriptions of each one (very useful for amateur hobbyists like me). As you may know, good quality VST plugins that are also free are hard to come by, so take advantage of these as soon as you can.

UPDATE: Just found 6 GB of free instruments for Kontakt, thanks to VSTBuzz.

[ Top 40 free VST plugins of 2014 via Bedroom Producers Blog ]
[ Bigcat Instruments ]


How racing games were made before the 3D revolution


Very interesting read on how to achieve a pseudo-3D effect using raster lines in order to create the illusion of a road. In other words, how games like Top Gear, Enduro, Out Run and more were made. This extensive explanation covers everything from basic concepts to mathematical formulas.

I just sank hours and hours in Top Gear for the SNES as a kid, so this struck a special chord in me. Enjoy!

[ Lou’s Pseudo-3D Page by Louis Gorenfeld ]

In light of recent events in gaming…

God dammit, Ubisoft

2014 has been so far a lackluster year in supposed “next-gen” games. This trend of releasing unfinished games is really worrying, specially considering we are talking about AAA titles. I really miss the days when devs/publishers delayed games to iron them out. Now they are just too reliant on the “we can fix it with a patch” mentality.

Will it improve in the near future? We need to speak with our wallets.


It’s (finally) time to become legend


Finally, I’ll be able to dive in and experience the world of Destiny with my buddies. My only regret is preordering the digital version. I don’t mind waiting for the release date, but if I knew I could be playing since yesterday, I’d no doubt have snatched the physical copy. I want to support digital distribution models, but shit like this keep reminding me that physical is still the way to go.

[ Wallpaper via Reddit user /u/Xioo ]


Firearm sound effects library. Absolutely free!


These days it’s rare to find things that are truly free, so I’m always excited to see high quality work made available for everyone. Check out these awesome firearm sounds from the fine folks at The Free Firearm Sound Library. They cover a wide variety of sound effects many people will find useful.

By the way, they are already kickstarting their next project: Medieval Sound Effects Library. Here’s the link if you want to contribute.

The Free Firearm Sound Library ]